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How Doctors Fail in Their Real Estate Relationships

and were convinced they could make a lot of money in real estate.  

The joke among real estate lawyers (no offense intended) is how doctors
so often end up loosing their shirts in real estate.  It is very dangerous to
get involved in something you know nothing about.  

Read how this could have been avoided in
The Secrets to Building a
Powerful & Successful Real Estate Joint Venture.
Partners Fail in Their Relationships With Each Other;
Lack of a Good Business Plan in the Beginning;
Lack of Capital and/or Income;
Lack of a Good Exit Strategy;
Two doctors independently do well in their medical
practices and as friends decide to invest in real
estate with a third party who happens to be a
developer of sorts.  

They pool their funds and throw $400,000 into the
pot, and the third partner handles purchasing the
property, getting it subdivided, and starting to
install the manufactured homes to sell.  

Alas, the developer partner is not so good at what
he does.  The doctors assumed he was, heard him
tell them about some of his successes,
Everything done well looks easy,
but how well have you prepared
for success in your partnership?