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Builder's Contract
Builders of single family residential homes seem to have as many contracts
as there are builders.  That would be just fine, except that the majority of the
contracts out there are disasters waiting to happen.  Many are one sheet of
paper with handwritten notes, some are a simple bid sheet with no details,
and there are many that are two or three pages of basic information but
literally no details on numerous aspects of the project.  Hey, Builders are
Builders, not attorneys.  Thank God!  Still, it would be more than advisable
to have a decent contract.  

Voila!  Here is a decent contract.  Of course, depending upon what you do,
you may need to tweak this contract or include addendums, especially for
materials to be used.  
Builders Contract
A friend of mine and a good builder once said, "Heck, I
don't need any legal contract that's a dozen pages long.  
I've never been sued once.  I don't need it."